topic for the second year of bachelor studies

Olga Gniadzik

triptych video, 2018

Anticipation is a video triptych. The project presents everyday objects, it is a kettle, toaster and a cigarette. By manipulating the video material, I confuse the viewer who expects a well-known ending.

Małgorzata Bonas

video, 1’38”, 2018

Anticipation – waiting, anticipating, assuming something that has not happened yet.

In response to the task, I wanted to show  a situation, when receiver is anticipating the finale, already adding the ending in his head. In order to achieve that effect I used a motive of a game with a knife, where the speed initially remains unchanged, irritates with monotony like the rhythm of the clock, just to speed up later, suggesting to the recipients an “approaching” “failure” at the end.