Expectations are becoming the source of disappointment

topic for the second year of bachelor studies

Piotr Szczęsnowicz

How to hug

video, 2021

Can a video tutorial teach us how to show emotions? In this piece, I wanted
to portray a simple gesture, associated with human proximity. Due to the
emotional aspect of this gesture, which can only be acquired through
experience, an attempt at learning it can lead to disappointment.

Filip Stalewski

photography, 2021

I constantly put too much pressure on myself. What would happen if I found space for mistakes?

Aleksandra Raszka

video, 2021
Disappointment as a consequence of having expectations towards taking life decisions according to generally accepted rules.

Joanna Klikowicz

video, 4’45” & 5’05”, 2020

Who does not play, will not win. The point is – is there any possibility to win? The video refers to the game of chance 3 cups and 3 cards, which was popular once on the bazaars.

Roberto Cura

Life starts at 6

video, 1:00, 2020

We are always waiting for that moment where everything will change, but what happens if that moment never arrives.

Paulina Brzezińska

video, 1’31”, 2020

Desires create certain ideas, about which we are helpless. We strive to reach a state that is supposed to evoke a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction. But at the time of relative fulfillment, there often appears a band of disappointments, which can be accompanied by both satiety and scarcity.

Proszę zacząć pisać aby wybrać typ bloku


Marcelina Gorczyńska

video, 2’44”, 2019

Expectations are something that haunts us too often and they give us lots of extreme emotions. It would be best not to expect anything, but guessing the future and the possibility to think of different versions of what could happen to us, it’s just too appealing. I fulfill one of my raptures of love.

Lena Pierga

video, 1’48”, 2019

The work is a projection of expectations and a kind of sense of responsibility, but also a need, which is contrasted against an inarticulate mood of dissatisfaction and unfulfillment. It juxtaposes the desirable reality from the sphere of immaterial world with the disappointing truth about the real one. The piece portrays this state of immobility and discontent as it becomes a mundane part of the everyday reality.

Marta Matysiak

video, loop, 2019
script, photos, editing
The assumption of this project was to find a suitable metaphor showing naivety in the creation of our own expectations. An idealized point of view can be quickly disturbed by reality. I found this naivety in paper airplanes. Equally fragile, impermanent and disappointing.

Klaudia Skuza

two-channel video, 37″, 2019

Grandparents’ marriage has ended up in divorce. They went their separate ways.

Kamila Falęcka

Anna Fabrycy