Lena Pierga – Replay and Repeat

Acknowledging hidden needs and attempting at their fulfilment becomes the departure point of Replay and repeat. The work ponders on expectations, satisfaction, and the possibility of enchanting the world. I wonder where lies the limit of presence and at which point reality becomes compensated. Participation and presence seem to possess higher value, yet the basic passive state tends to be more comfortable. Observation and pleasure stemming from passivity both dominate and subjugate the world. The work is about the hopes which can never be confronted with reality. The uniformity of persistence is contained by a zone of safety which leaves no space for aberrations. The images reflect the need for activity, the rejection of stagnation which nevertheless appears after all. They create a sense of resignation and emulate emptiness. I wonder what does it mean to be present and what is experience. I create static situations of suspension, a kind of waiting room – the reflection of attempt and longing which will never be expressed out loud. Mechanical forms substituting for action. There is no acceptance of pure immobility, hence I take half measures and trustingly await a better tomorrow. The work is an attempt at finding the relation between observation and experience, the accomplished and unaccomplished. Reality persists suspended in time and space. An attempt at recompensing for the lack occurs. I pretend that this is precisely how it was supposed to be.