Visual Relations Studio

prof. Prot Jarnuszkiewicz

as. MA Agata Witczak

The Visual Relations Studio is a place where video and photography are discussed as media of artistic expression.

It is a space for the development of thought, where the prevailing conviction is that being a contemporary creator is not only a technical skill, but, above all, a way of reflection, which is the result of the analysis of reality and emotions accompanying this perception.

Being in charge of the studio, I suggest understanding creativity as a state of mind, as a readiness for dialogue, as a tool to awaken awareness and a form of establishing contact with the surrounding reality by a return to studying the environment. Also as a way of perceiving and analysing the rules observed in it.

Video and photography, through their analytical nature and the necessity to avoid tautology, which may appear in case of too literal reproduction of the world or too clear a message, exercise the sensitivity of perception, emotional perception and mind in the formulation of reflection.

It is a specific medium; in order for something to be recorded, it must exist in front of the lens beforehand. We have to coexist for some time with the object in the real space.

It is this mimesis that makes them the perfect tools for “asking questions about the world”.

I expect my students to work in this direction and to develop such skills: analysis of traces, testimonies, conscious presence in the reality in which they live. Individual perception and interpretation of these spaces. Accommodating oneself to the world and the world to one’s own emotions. Constant openness to all stimuli and reflections born in the context of known and seemingly recognized objects and the goals of their presence and function in our world.

I think it is a guarantee of dynamics and dialogue, which, in today’s visual world, is the only way to individuality.

professor Prot Jarnuszkiewicz