topic for the first year of master’s studies

Marcelina Gorczyńska

video 00:00:30, 00:00:27 i 00:00:32, 2021

Losing a reference point in three parts.

Lena Pierga

video, 2021

The solstice as a tipping point and a situation of the highest concentration of tension. A moment suspended in time when a lot is happening and nothing is happening at the same time. I am looking for the limits of endurance and waiting to see who is going to let go first.

Marta Matysiak

Have you ever wondered what a world without violence would be like?
The map is the result of my search for peace. It turned out that there is no country without the experience of war.

Agata Witczak

video, 37″, 2018

The time of accumulating energy, not to be discharged the climax moment.

A swing in a state of unbalance. Convex meniscus. Balancing at height.