Agata Witczak – remnant

master’s degree

Project „Remnant” includes three videos which show the human impact on surrounding matter and the delayed effects of his actions moments after the interaction. It touches on different actions: passive – relating to the constant power of pressing, exerted by a surface in contact with the body, involuntary – like the body heat we leave behind and voluntary human action, the effect of which has a direct impact on the form of ones surrounding. The goal of this work, is to visually represent the relations between human – item – world. The items selected poses qualities which allow them to retain and remember our energy. In each of the examples shown, the mark left behind by human action disappears, and the energy passed on to the objects is dissipated. The vanishing of this energy is caused by a physical process called entropy, wich has a constant effect on the world. The temporality of human traces left behind by these interactions is the key theme of this work.