Agata Rucińska – Ways of experiencing the reality

In my work, I examine relations between the reality and the photography. I am curious how much, how far exactly I can explore the space that I am coming across. DDoes the photography enlarge or reduce the distance between me and the environment? I am refering to a surface of photos and superficial reception of what they represent. We are surrounded mostly by pictures and this influence us a lot with how we read and understand the living world, so the real meeting or facing with the habitat become also more superficial or flat. I observe the reality covered by images and I try to ask about consequences of changes that they bring. I am interested in mediations and copies of reality and how they leave a mark on our experience of everyday life. Are we able to live through this obvious meetings (like meeting with a landscape) in a personal, direct way or will we stay forever divided from reality by its countless and pervasive images? What is a capability to experience the presence, to be in the world, to witness? How to record all of this with an individual approach? The important thing in my project is the curtain in the back, the material on which I rephotograph photos. I want it to recall the style of presentation like a still life. It also draws attention to the surface of images – the only what is available is on the top of them. The background is hidden. Everything you can watch and see is in the area of two dimensional photography. I try to create the space, which doesn’t fake the reality, doesn’t imitate, but still shows it. 

Photoobjects are the attept at taking off or peeling off the coating of reality. I try to lay it again on its shapes having regard to new, flat properties. I took photos of pieces of nature like leaves or flowers and I did kind of recreation of them.