Annual topic

The task carried out by students of the studio on an annual or semi-annual basis.

Joanna Bury


series of photography, 2021

Attention in life is conscious observation. Some kind of bending over what surrounds me. It surrounds me here and now and does not hang over me, it waits for the future, it is for yesterday. For me, observation is opposed to running away.

In those series, I distinguish three stages that are extremely important to me. It is observation, documentation and modification. The latter served to emphasize the synthesis that has had already appeared at the stage of cognition and to emphasize the essence. The registration of these images was the culmination of time spent alone. The series is kept open and I am constantly developing it. These photos are my personal search for rhythms, lines, cumulative intensities, textures, structures and colors.

The line I used is the most important here. The line enters into a dialogue with the space in which it functions and prompts the viewer to search. With its help, I only emphasize the noticed dependencies. This interference is intentional but also completely subjective.

Documentations of seemingly ordinary places acquire closer acquaintance and become an image of new meaning, only with some help of subtle gestures.

Łukasz Horbów

video, 2019

The pattern of personal search that I used in this project is to draw attention to how the way the customs officer works in similary to the diagram and analysis of the robot/computer. The searched person becomes an object analysis customs officer examines his or her body on the basis of human anatomy, mechanically searching for errors and disorders while subjugating the searched person. The search causes fear. Transferring the choreography of the personal search, or control, to the movement of the 3D scanner emphasizes similarity of the customs officer, the controller, to the machinę, without depriving him of the human factor. Capturing this dependence and choreography – using a recording of the screen generated by the scanner’s eye – shows the relationship between the controller and the controlled, choreographies and operations similary to those of a machine.

Kamil Druk


video, 2020

Gesture is aggressive, knocked out from repose.
It takes the initiative

Marta Matysiak

video x3, 2″00″, 2020

script, photos, editing
The starting point for this work were male groups (from the most radical to street hooligans) and their ties. Searching for popular features of all groups, I chose the most important that combine the relationships of their members. The gym, which is the background for exercises performed by actors, is the basis for building relationships and group abilities. During physical education classes, we learned teamwork, rivalry and competition. All these functions are present in adult life, it depends on us how we use them.