i can do things

topic for the first year of master’s studies


Marcelina Gorczyńska


video 00:03:09 i 00:00:35, 2021

This is for you, if at least once you have thought that you would like to have someone like you next to you.

Lena Pierga

video, 2021

I want to be noticed and appreciated. Achieving success allows you to mark your presence and prove your worth. What I did is not that important. The most important thing is that I was the best at it. The official form of the competition tends to add weight to the prize. I compensate for the shortcomings, collect medals and check with myself whether the amount of things I have already achieved is enough.

Adam Siwek

video, 2020

The creation process is not always an intentional act. Sometimes we instinctively devote ourselves to semi-conscious activities. By interfering with the materials available at hand, we can completely change their appearance and give a new meaning.

Łukasz Horbów

I learned how to cry.

video, 02’39”, 2020

This work is a record of an action during to which I learned in almost half a year to cry on calling, breaking the words “guys don’t cry” repeated to me in my childhood.

Polina Kamarova

“Please, put me on the windowsill”

photographs, 2020
Am I a photographer if I don’t use the camera, don’t control the light, and just press two buttons at the same time to take a screenshot? I wonder about the causative power and distance, cooperation, the power of the moment, taking pictures during video conversations with people forced to stay in confinement. The lifestyle of my heroes caused by the current situation in the world means that the life of the body, activity disappears, man “melts” in the base he manages, which becomes multifunctional.

Anna Jankojć-Szafran

Series of photos, Installation, 2020
Sculptures of unwanted things, thrown away. Waste.
Introducing rubbish into an art gallery.
A gesture of inviting each social class to gallery institutions.


Wojciech Szczerbetka

photographs, 2019

“I can do things” is a quote from an anonymous source. It can be interpreted in different ways – from a threat, through showing off. The pictures show a multitude of interpretations of this statement – the selected pictures reflect the proverbial ‘I can do things’ found in everyday life situations.

Bartosz Zalewski

photographs, 2019

Julia Dorobińska

photographs, 2019

Maksymilian Biel

photographs, 2019