topic for the first year of master’s studies

Marta Matysiak

photographs, 2021

The photos show a vacuum and uncertainty. They are a kind of precarious portrait that contradicts stabilization. Among the things placed in the bags, we can find numerous commission contracts, everyday items (intimate but without specific owners), or even drugs for depression.

Marcelina Gorczyńska

video, 2021

Cesar Millan was walking the dog around the car for an hour to tame him. I am a 40-year-old man doing something wrong for a while. I circle the car to get to know it better, trying to find a secret portal in it.

Lena Pierga


photographs, 2021

I am organizing an overview of scraps of things left unknowingly in bags and backpacks. A collection of still lifes existing in space beyond time and functionality. Objects can give you a sense of security and remind you of how things used to be, but sometimes they are difficult to control. The photos are a collection of remnants compulsively stored and kept at hand, sometimes just in case, and sometimes completely unintentionally.

Gabriela Kozińska

photography, 2018

My work shows abstractions of balconies.
They are cluttered and neglected. This shows that most people treat it as an additional storage space, without thinking that it is visible to everyone who walks past.

From all these balconies, I created one big block of flats to make a chaos and overwhelm the viewer. Creating a typical type of architecture, which we see on a daily basis. Making that, I wanted the viewer not to be able to say at the first sight, that this is my own abstract creation.

Obrazek posiada pusty atrybut alt; plik o nazwie balkonyNIEMIEJSCA.jpg

Sylwia Karwowska

video, 0’51”, 2018

Following path of Marc Auge’s definition of no man’s zones, I’ve chosen movie theater hidden in a park. I expanded it’s meaning by adding different sound background – recording of chanting fans at a football match. I’ve collided two places in which human presence is treated as determining element, however it’s hard to define identity of each one of the places separately. Basing on this collision I’ve created video in which estethical layer plays the most important part, estethical layer which same as added soundscape is not fully describing the place, but functions as impression of non-existing space.